About blinkenlights.ca

Hi, I'm Alex. This is where I try and share with the world things that I've created. I was educated as a Computer Engineer in Canada and many of my interests are in that field, but sometimes my attention wanders to topics much further away like history, fashion, music, and emergency medicine.

I have been writing software and building websites for over 20 years, and have been doing it professionally since 2006. I occasionally give presentations on software development topics in Toronto and Waterloo for various meet-up groups or conventions like PyCon Canada. A lightning talk on code review that I gave at PyCon Canada in 2016 is available on YouTube. If you've read something here that you think would make a good subject for presentation at your event, you can contact me at alex@blinkenlights.ca

I have also been engaged in the makerspace community since 2009, usually as a member, but sometimes also serving as a director or chair of the board.