Nine Day Game, Day 3 - Need a Light?

Day 3 continued the trend of setting goals that were just slightly out of reach. They say you're not supposed to set unreachable goals, but it feels like, given the time crunch we're in, making these tight schedules keeps us working as hard as possible. The goals for Day 3:

The only goal that we didn't meet on Day 3 was the inventory management system. Ryan had to leave early, but I think we could have done it if we had been able to work all day.

Though the other goals were technically accomplished, I'm not particularly happy with the progress on the engine features. For example, in our demo video you can see that the camera doesn't perfectly track the motion of the player.

The lighting system is also quite primitive. In order to add things like random torches scattered around the room, there will need to be some work done towards cleaning up the engine code. However, this refactoring and cleanup needs to happen anyway, so perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone on Day 4.